Stalking Protection Act 2019 comes into force

The Stalking Protection Act 2019 received Royal Assent on 15 March 2019. It comes into force immediately. 

The Act achieves this by creating a new civil Stalking Protection Order (SPO) which — on application by the police to a magistrates’ court — would impose prohibitions and requirements on the perpetrator.  Any breach of the terms of the SPO would result in a criminal offence. The SPO has been designed to apply in situations where existing interventions are not always applicable, such as when: the stalking occurs outside of a domestic abuse context, or where the perpetrator is not a current or former intimate partner of the victim (so called ‘stranger stalking’); or the criminal threshold has not, or has not yet, been met (such as while a criminal case is being built), or the victim does not support a prosecution.