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School Exclusions Hub

Coram Children’s Legal Centre’s School Exclusions Hub is an online resource for professionals, advocates, charities, and community groups that assist families in appealing school exclusion decisions.

The Hub was established at Just for Kids Law, which recently transferred its school exclusion and homelessness work to the Coram Group, and is supported by Mission 44, a charitable foundation launched by Sir Lewis Hamilton to build a fairer, more inclusive future. We hope that the Hub will increase the sector’s capacity to provide the necessary support to families going through such challenges.

The Hub breaks the process of challenging exclusions into stages, with quick-guides, step-by-step guides, template documents, and suggested wording documents available at each stage.

It is important to note that we intend to expand the Hub in the future to provide resources for families and young people, and we will involve families and young people in the creation of these resources.

Please click below to access the School Exclusions Hub.