Complaints to schools

This page provides information on the duties of schools and Local Authorities to deal with complaints against a school or teacher and how the complaint can be escalated to higher authorities.

What is a complaint to a school?

A complaint is when a parent or interested person is dissatisfied with the actions of a school. Examples of types of complaints can be:

  • bullying by a pupil or a teacher;
  • policy changes;
  • failure to follow statutory guidance—e.g. in relation to a fixed term exclusion;
  • failure to provide support for children with Special Educational Needs;
  • any other concerns about the school.

It is important to establish what type of school your child attends. For assistance with this please see our page Types of School. Then select the page which is most appropriate to your situation:

Complaints against a Local Authority Maintained School

Complaints against an Academy School

Going further

More detailed information on complaints to schools can be found in our How-to Guide. Please note that a fee is charged for this service.