Signposting List

Below you will find a list of organisations who may be able to assist on subjects/locations that we unfortunately do not cover. Please note that Child Law Advice does not take responsibility for external content linked to from this website. 

Callers from outside of England

We are unable to provide advice if you live outside of England. The following organisations may be able to assist with your query depending on where you reside: 




Northern Ireland


We are unable to advise if a solicitor is instructed. If your solicitor is on holiday or away from the office, another solicitor in the firm should be able to assist you. If you are unhappy with your solicitor you should consider looking at the complaints policy of the solicitors firm. 

For more information:


If your child has been abducted abroad we are unable to assist and we would advise contacting:

Adult Social Care


Every child in care, leaving care, or concerns about the support or lack of support from Children’s Services has the legal right to advocacy support. Other children, such as those going through the Child Protection process or considered to be Children in need may also be able to access advocacy support. Contacting Coram Voice’s Always Head service is a good way to find out who can help. 


We cannot assist with merits of an appeal through the advice service and therefore we would strongly recommend seeking a solicitors opinion:

Legal Representation

Child benefit

Child maintenance

Child abuse content online

Civil Litigation


Data Protection/Freedom of Information


Educational Negligence


Finance (Divorce) 


Human Rights


International contact

Medical negligence


Mental Health

Wills, probation, Trust