Scott Schedule

What is a Scott Schedule

A Scott Schedule is a schedule or table which is used in court proceedings in the Family Court in order to clearly set out the allegations which are in dispute.  

The Judge will make directions for parties to submit a Scott Schedule, where necessary, and this will generally be required in advance of a fact-finding hearing. A fact-finding hearing is the name given to a court hearing where the Judge will determine if certain allegations are true or false. 

A Scott Schedule should be as concise as possible and focused. Allegations which are pleaded should relate to incidents of domestic abuse and should not include welfare concerns or issues such as missed contact sessions.

What should be included in a Scott Schedule? 

There is a reference to Scott Schedules in the Family Procedure Rules Part 12J and it states the following: 

”whether the key facts in dispute can be contained in a schedule or a table (known as a Scott Schedule) which sets out what the applicant complains of or alleges, what the respondent says in relation to each individual allegation or complaint; the allegations in the schedule should be focused on the factual issues to be tried; and if so, whether it is practicable for this schedule to be completed at the first hearing, with the assistance of the judge.”

However, a Scott Schedule should ideally contain the following:

  • Number: Number the allegations
  • Date: The date that the incident occurred which the allegation is based on
  • Allegation: Keep this concise as it can be expanded on in a witness statement and through verbal evidence. 
  • Reference: A reference can be provided which directs the reader to a statement or piece of evidence that informs the allegation. 
  • Response: Leave this column blank if preparing the Scott Schedule as it will be for the other party to fill in. The individual writing the response will need to confirm whether they admit or deny the allegation and can provide a concise response. 
  • Reference: The individual writing the response can also reference a statement or piece of evidence that informs the allegation if applicable. 
  • Judge’s finding: This space should be left blank and it will be for the Judge to fill in with their findings. 

Scott Schedule Template

Please click here to view our example Scott Schedule.