Email advice service

To use this service please use the relevant link below. Our email advice service is to provide clarifying questions or for initial legal advice.

Terms and Conditions of email advice 
  • Please complete all relevant boxes on the contact form to ensure we provide you with the correct information.
  • We aim to respond to all messages within 5 working days of receipt. This includes follow up emails.  Please note our working days are Monday to Friday.
  • For any email sent on a weekend or during the Christmas period when our service is closed, the 5 working days will start from when we are back in the office. 
  • If we cannot assist due to the matter being outside of our scope, we will email and state why we cannot assist and attempt to refer you to another organisation.
  • If we deem your matter too complex for advice via email, we will email to advise you of this and request that you contact our advice line. 
  • Please note the email advice service is for advice only. We cannot organise a call back through this service. If you wish to provide feedback on the service please click here for our feedback form.
  • Please be aware that we require your name, address and telephone number prior to providing advice. This is a service requirement. For further details please view our Privacy Notice
  • Please do not copy and paste letters or documents as we are unable to read through these and we require your specific query in order to advise.
  • If we suspect there are safeguarding concerns we may attempt to contact you on the phone number provided to seek further details. For more information please visit our terms and conditions
  • Please do check your junk mail folder for our communication. If you do not hear back from us within 5 working days please do contact us. 
  • We strongly recommend you read through our Terms and conditions and Privacy Notice of the Service  prior to contacting the service.