Terms and Conditions of email advice


Terms and Conditions of email advice 
  • Please complete all relevant boxes on the contact form to ensure we provide you with the correct information.
  • We will only provide one email response so we strongly recommend providing as much detail as possible.
  • We aim to respond to your message within 5 working days of receipt. Please note our working days are Monday to Friday.
  • For any email sent on a weekend or during the Christmas period when our service is closed, the 5 working days will start from when we are back in the office. 
  • If we cannot assist, we will email and state why we cannot assist and attempt to refer you to another organisation.
  • Please note the email advice service is for advice only. We cannot organise a call back through this service. If you wish to provide feedback on the service please click here for our feedback form.
  • Please be aware that we require your name, address and telephone number prior to providing advice. This is a service requirement. For further details please view our Privacy Notice
  • We strongly recommend you read through our Terms and conditions, and Privacy Notice of the Service  prior to contacting the service.