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Relevance: 1%      Posted on: 6th June 2015

Via email: Email advice service We provide an email advice service on education and family law. Our email advice service is to provide clarifying questions or for basic legal advice. Unfortunately we are unable to assist with complex legal queries via our email advice service and would request that you contact us via our telephone advice line for complex queries. If we do deem your email to be too complex, we will email you and request that you contact us via our advice line. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before using the contact form.  Email…


Relevance: 1%      Posted on: 19th May 2015

This page provides information on abduction and the unlawful removal of a child from the UK including how to prevent abduction, what to do if a child is abducted and how to lawfully remove a child from the UK.

Court Bundles

Relevance: 1%      Posted on: 19th July 2018

Court bundles are an integral element to family court proceedings as they contain a great deal of information that relate to a particular dispute. This information page will provide further advice on what the bundle is, who is responsible for preparing the bundle, what should be included in the bundle and the timetable for preparing and lodging the bundle.  What is a court bundle? Practice Direction 27A of the Family Procedure Rules provides guidance on court bundles.   A court bundle is a folder(s) which contains copies of all the documents which are considered relevant to a court case.  How should…

Domestic Abuse and Coronavirus

Relevance: 1%      Posted on: 7th April 2020

Introduction  Domestic abuse is a serious issue which effects many families; there is evidence from Women’s Aid that the lockdown situation as a response to the corona virus may have led to an increase in incidents of domestic abuse as victims are isolated with the perpetrators and are less able to access their usual means of support. Generally, people should not be leaving the place where they live. However, the government has allowed people to leave in certain specified circumstances, as set out in s.6 of the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020. S. 6(2)(m) makes it clear that…

Declaration of parentage

Relevance: 1%      Posted on: 27th May 2015

This how to guide explains the steps that you can take to resolve a dispute about a child’s paternity including how to apply for a Declaration of Parentage stating who a child’s legal parents are.