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Testamentary Guardianship

Relevance: 4%      Posted on: 8th December 2016

This page explains how, in law, a person can be appointed to act as a guardian for a child in the event of a parent’s or a carer’s death.

School Admissions FAQ

Relevance: 4%      Posted on: 19th February 2016

This page provides answers to FAQ's surrounding admissions for both primary and secondary schools

Variation and discharge of an order for contact or residence

Relevance: 4%      Posted on: 30th July 2015

This how to guide explains the steps that you can take to vary or discharge a Contact Order or Residence Order (granted prior to 22.04.2014) or Child Arrangements Order if the terms are no longer in the child's best interests.

Preparing for a Family Court hearing

Relevance: 4%      Posted on: 17th June 2019

The preparation will often be dependent on the type of hearing and the specific circumstances of the case in question. However, there are some general tips which can help a litigant in person prepare for an upcoming Family Court hearing. Appropriate arrangements for children It is not advisable to bring children to court and therefore parties should try to make alternative childcare arrangements. Court location Parties will often be required to attend the court 30 minutes or 1 hour in advance of the time that the hearing is listed to start. You do not want to be rushing around or…

Marriage and Civil Partnership

Relevance: 4%      Posted on: 17th June 2016

This page explains the law on marriage and civil partnership. It provides information on the rights, responsibilities and obligations of parties to a marriage and civil partnership.

Family mediation

Relevance: 4%      Posted on: 21st May 2015

This page explains the process of family mediation, when mediation is necessary and the expected standards of a family mediator.

Travel and Relocation

Relevance: 4%      Posted on: 8th June 2018

This information page provides information on domestic & international travel and relocation. It will provide advice on the circumstances which require consent to be provided in order to travel domestically or internationally with a child and the options available if consent is not provided. Introduction NOTE: This information page provides the general legal position. There are circumstances in which a court order has terms included which are specific to the case in question and contradict the general legal position explained below. Therefore, consult the court order first (if there is a court order in place) as this will take precedence. …

Legal Aid for family law matters

Relevance: 4%      Posted on: 6th November 2015

This page provides information on getting help to pay for legal costs for family matters. It explains what legal aid is, when it is available and the type of help it covers. It also provides information on the evidence needed for legal aid in private disputes about arrangements for children.


Relevance: 4%      Posted on: 22nd May 2015

This page explains the law on deciding where a child is to live including the different types of living arrangements and explaining the family court orders for residence.

Special Guardianship

Relevance: 4%      Posted on: 16th July 2015

This page explains the situations where Special Guardianship might be appropriate to secure the long term arrangements for a child living with a person other than their parent. It explains the assessment process and support available.