Booking a call back

Child Law Advice are able to offer a call back service at a time that suits you (subject to availability) between the hours of 8am-5.30pm Monday to Friday. This is for an advice call of up to 30 minutes. We request that you only book one call back at a time. 

Please view our terms and conditions prior to booking a call back.

The charge for this service is £25.

The charge for each additional 15 minutes is £10.

If the advisor you are speaking to believes the call will last longer than 30 minutes, they will advise you of this. Please note that we cannot contact you if your phone does not receive withheld numbers. Please provide us with a number that accepts withheld calls.

A call back will cover all child, family and education law issues that Child Law Advice covers. Please read through our guides prior to booking your call back to ensure we do cover this area, and to prepare any questions you may have to get the most out of your call.  

Please note that the advisor will need to take your name, address and telephone number prior to providing advice. This is part of our child protection policy. Please make yourself aware of all our terms and conditions of service prior to using this service. 

Please note that abusive behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to terminate the call if this occurs. Our staff will also not tolerate bad language being used during an advice call.

Please note that refunds will not be processed if:

  • You live outside of England as it states in our terms and conditions we cannot advise outside of England
  • your matter concerns a financial issue as it states in our terms and conditions that we cannot advise on any financial issues
  • You have a solicitor as it states in our terms and conditions we cannot advise if you have legal representation
  • Your matter is out of the scope of what we can advise. To find out if your matter is in scope please read through our information pages first
  • You refuse to give us an address or telephone number as this is part of our Child Protection Policy.

If you have any issues, including refunds, please e-mail the manager Gemma Smith at Please note that this e-mail address cannot provide legal advice. 

Using the service

bookingbug_logo300pxThis service is operated by Booking Bug. After clicking the button at the bottom of this page you will need to choose the date in the diary that is displayed, along with the time required. You will then need to complete a few details. You will be sent a confirmation email once your booking is complete. Please note that you only have a limited time to make payment and your booking will be cancelled if payment is not made within the allocated time.

We will only release a fortnight's worth of dates at a time. If there are no times available for you please do keep checking back. 

To get started, please click on a time slot below. Available time slots are shown in amber. Unavailable time slots are shown in grey.